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Depiction of European-Native Contact in Five Different Textbooks


  • Washington’s Yesterdays, pp. 4–13

  • It Happened in Washington, pp 1–12

  • Washington: A State of Contrasts, most of Chapter 4 (pp 110–127)

  • The Washington Journey, pp 43–45

  • Washington Connections: A Geo-History Textbook, Chapter 4 (pp. 34–37)

Plan of Instruction

Using any number of the five texts listed above, compare the different descriptions of the period of European and American contact with Native people. Read the assigned texts, then, using your Artifact Analysis paper as a guide, write several well-structured paragraphs about the different sources. Turn in your work at the end of class. You may not take it home to work on. Rather, prepare for tomorrow’s field trip. Remember…

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