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The following set of readings includes three primary sources from the 18th century and one fictionalized account from the 20th century.

Artifact 1.1    First Contacts, by Father Tomás de la Peña, 1774

Artifact 1.2  John Ledyard’s Impression of the Northwest Coast

Artifact 1.3  Noticias de Nutka, an account of Nootka Sound in 1792

Artifact 1.4  Winged Canoes at Nootka (long)

Artifact Analysis and Evaluation handouts

Plan of Instruction

Distribute a set of readings (1.1–1.3) to groups of three students and have them discuss what each one has to say about European ideas about the language of the Native people of the Northwest Coast.

As an extension, students can read the fictionalized account and compare it to the primary and secondary sources that they have encountered.

Teacher notes on the Nootka Sound readings

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